Here Is A List Of The Best Coffee Roasters In Vancouver



Vancouver, has plenty of city based roasters that prepares small batches of coffee beans and brew them at their home or in their cafe. Roasting and brewing beans is becoming more and more popular in Vancouver.


Here is a list of the best Vancouver Coffee Roaster:


A.) The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Co.


The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Co. can be found at the entrance of UBC. Usually, their clients are students. Actually the person that started this company was a PhD student. The Boulevard coffee roasting company is not just a caf? but it is also an art gallery.



B.) A.G.R.O. Roasters


The A.G.R.O. Roasters has been running their business since the year 2006. They serve beans and brew to reflect their Crop2Cup approach. They have two cafes where you can taste their roast, one on Granville Island and the other is in their roasting site.


C.) East Van Roasters


The east van roasters from was made of social enterprise. It is an organic roasted bean to bar chocolate coffee and they serve it in the Rainer hotel. This organic roasted chocolate coffee is only available on Tuesdays up to Saturday from 10 in the morning up to 5 in afternoon. This organic roasted coffee is best paired with pastries. Here’s one post you must check out:


  1. Commercial Drive Coffee Company


This roaster company does not have a store front. Their products are in bags of coffee. They distribute their products in different stores in the neighborhood, in delis and in the market.


  1. Granville Island Coffee Company


The Granville Island coffee company was established in the year 2009 and it is very dominant in cafes and in supermarkets in Vancouver. They started brewing in the city market in Loblaws in the summer of 2003.



  1. 49th Parallel


The 49th Parallel provide high quality roasts in cafes.



  1. JJ Bean


JJ bean has been running in Vancouver for 20 years now and it was created by the Neate family.  Four generations of the Neate family has been running their business. “The best taste wins” this is the motto of the JJ bean company. They roast small batches of beans at least five times a week then they mark the roast date on the coffee bag. There are 15 JJ bean establishments.


  1. Matchstick Coffee Roasters


Matchstick coffee roasters has a one cup at a time policy. The Matchstick coffee roasters caf? has two establishments, the main caf? can be found in E 15 Ave Mount Pleasant and the other can be found in E Georgia in Chinatown. They also serve vegan treats.


  1. Origins Organic Coffee


This is a wholesaler roasting company and has been running for over 20 years now.


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